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7 ways Smart Touch breaks the mold for HMIs

Jun 09, 2021

SmartTouch closes the gap between humans and machines with a smart and simplified design

Scroll. Swipe. Tap. Pinch and zoom. All are simple motions performed millions of times every day in a digital world. All are simple motions that can also increase productivity and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for tissue converters.

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) developed the SmartTouch HMI with today’s operators and Industry 4.0 tools in mind. Below are seven features that make SmartTouch the smart choice.

  1. Simplified navigation and controls: A client-server architecture places the same program on every HMI screen. This allows operators to control and view the status of every machine from any HMI on the line. Commonly used controls are highly visible on main screens, eliminating the need to search through a complicated screen structure. Multi-touch features, such as swiping and zooming, work much like mobile devices, enabling a short learning curve and enhanced experience. Enhanced graphics help ensure operators make changes and perform procedures on the correct part of the machine.
  2. Superior web view: A single HMI screen displays the entire web; unwind through rewinder. This allows operators to adjust tension, tightness, draw, speed and torque at a single location. They no longer have to use multiple HMIs, at multiple locations, to control the web.
  3. Robust recipe management: Much like a favorite cookbook, recipes help operators make the perfect product. SmartTouch simplifies and separates recipe management functions (load, update, save, delete, etc.) on individual screens. Operators can be sure they select the correct ingredients and apply them accurately. A recipe compare function also allows operators to quickly see what values in the currently running parameters are different from a successful saved recipe.
  4. Change logs: SmartTouch tracks every control selection, value change and recipe change. Assigned users can sort the information in a variety of ways including who made the change, the exact time of the change and the specific IP address the change was made from. The change logs take much of the guesswork out of troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  5. Expanded task lists: A customizable timeline displays prioritized tasks. Operators can follow along by the second and see what tasks are upcoming and/or overdue. Visual warnings and notifications also help keep the line running at optimal design.
  6. Live video: Operators can watch critical sections, like the winding nest, run in real time. The live video helps monitor products and make adjustments without stopping the line and losing uptime. If a picture of a machine is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a million.
  7. Ready for the future: SmartTouch easily integrates with new technology. Additional software, programs and smart features can be added at any time. We are just scratching the surface of SmartTouch’s full potential.

SmartTouch is standard on all new PCMC Forte and Paragon consumer rewinder lines. It is mobile-ready and can be purchased with an option for a tablet that enables remote operation and troubleshooting. With optional IoT connectivity, SmartTouch can also include cloud-based dashboards that provide insights to ramp up production levels.