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STAX paper packaging and PCMC coreless make the perfect pair for sustainability

Aug 02, 2021

If anyone asks exactly what it means to have a perfectly designed tissue product with respect for the environment, we at PCMC and STAX have the answer.

Tissue paper is certainly a sustainable material itself. Indeed, as recently published by The European Tissue Symposium (ETS), “Tissue Paper is the Smart Choice.”

But what about the environment?

When we talk about safeguarding the environment, something more special and unique is needed in order to achieve the optimal result.

Limiting waste, 100% tissue from first to last sheet, recyclable packaging, energy saving, reduction in CO2 emissions, transport optimization – these are just some of the benefits of an increasingly sustainable world.

As a tissue convertor it can be difficult to control costs and be green. With PCMC you can by removing core board and the glue required in this process, which will reduce costs and supply problems and also provide a truly smart solution.

PCMC’s coreless winding INVISIBLE-O technology allows rewinding of high- and low-firmness rolls, for both consumer and away-from-home products.

Ecological and sustainable solutions represent one of the biggest challenges for the packaging industry as well. Although plastic has historically been the primary material for packaging tissue products, there is a global trend favoring paper wrapping material.

Having that in mind, we are dedicated to finding the solutions that will support our customers’ needs as well as the market demands and ecological standards.

As a result of such a dedication, STAX equipment is already capable of doing both foil and paper wrapping or banding in some cases. Nevertheless, with paper as a wrapping material used on our machines, we produce a perfectly packed product supporting ecological standards with huge savings.

Tissue products are not mere commodities. Rather, they are high-tech paper specialties based on complex science, and like many of our customers, we also believe we can all play an important role together in respecting and safeguarding the environment.

If we want to give intelligent answers, we have to think intelligently. This is what we do every day!