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Accelerate Monitoring quickly turns data into action for manufacturers

Jul 22, 2021

New standard service from PCMC takes customer productivity and efficiency to the next level

Is it better to be the smartest person or the most useful person in the room? On one hand, you hold an incredible amount of information and the answers to critical questions or problems. On the other hand, you know exactly how to take action and accomplish any task.

Paper Converting Machine Company’s (PCMC) Accelerate Monitoring service combines both qualities to provide data, insights and action in an unprecedented package.   

Data: Accelerate Monitoring gives manufacturers real-time access to valuable data like production totals, downtime and faults. Users view all the information on easy-to-understand dashboards that leverage IoT technology. Cloud-based storage allows users to compare historical data to what they see today. Charts and graphs are customizable to meet the exact production needs of a specific machine. Accelerate Monitoring truly puts data and information at the users fingertips.

Insights: In a manufacturing environment, data comes in massive waves. It is easy to drown in all of the numbers. Highly trained Accelerate technicians can help take a deep dive into the information and provide experienced insights. Accelerate technicians can determine if the data is pointing towards a simple adjustment or a more complex troubleshooting procedure.

Action: The true power of data is putting it to work for you. Manufacturers and Accelerate technicians work side-by-side, in a virtual environment, to create the correct action plan. An operator may be able to resolve a series of recorded machine stops by simply cleaning a sensor. Tracked torque variations in a specific tension zone can prompt a motor replacement. Completing the correct action as soon as possible reduces downtime and increases machine output and performance.

“PCMC and our customers have experienced great successes by utilizing Accelerate Monitoring and our technicians,” says Rick Roeske, PCMC Accelerate Team Leader. “The service has strengthened both predictive and preventive maintenance. It has optimized customer production and given us new understanding about how our machines are performing in the field. The ultimate key is turning all of this data and knowledge into action. We are really just scratching the surface of Accelerate Monitoring’s full potential.”   

Accelerate is PCMC’s suite of digital services including Accelerate Monitoring (data monitoring), Accelerate Live (live video troubleshooting) and Accelerate Online (online remote service support). Accelerate Monitoring is now offered as a standard service for the first year with all new PCMC machines, including Forte and Paragon tissue converting lines. The service includes all required hardware, secure access to dashboards through any device with a web browser and internet connection and monthly meetings with Accelerate technicians. Accelerate Monitoring can also be added to legacy machines as an annual subscription service.