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  • ELS MAX cutout

    The Expanding Reach of Narrow Web

    Sep 10, 2021 05:00
    Several recent trends have taken shape with flexographic presses, primarily for labels and flexible packaging, that support this. For example, production runs have decreased in length, requiring shorter and more efficient press changeovers, and more producers are looking to incorporate digital print capability in order to expand market presence while capturing a more diverse body of work.
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  • increase productivity

    How Today’s Flexographic Presses Target Efficiency with Fewer People, Less Waste & Continuous Support

    Sep 01, 2021 05:00
    Every minute that a press isn’t running is money lost. Newer flexographic print technology has made significant strides in making short runs more economical through faster setups and reduced waste. Repeatability has also become a critical component in helping to make a press operator successful in producing high-quality, sellable product.
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  • 20210430_131743_Apple Bags

    Do your produce bags need an improvement?

    May 12, 2021 05:00
    Our new high-speed servo gang punch unit allows holes to be punched at a constant high speed while achieving maximum efficiency and a low scrap rate.
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  • Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 3.12.12 PM

    C-P Flexible Packaging Invests in New Poly Bag Manufacturing Capabilities

    May 11, 2021 05:00
    This multi-million-dollar investment includes new high-speed Hudson-Sharp machines with enhanced automation, quicker changeovers, and best-in-class efficiencies. In addition, the investment provides improvements to workflow, quality, and data collection.
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  • My Post(1)

    All Laser Cleaners Aren’t Created Equal

    Apr 27, 2021 15:01
    Laser cleaning has quickly established itself as the leading technology for effectively cleaning anilox rolls. Laser cleaners are the most green and sustainable method of cleaning available today. There is no waste steam, and it does not require harsh chemicals or water consumption. Only electricity is required – making the cost of ownership low and the return on investment high. So, what makes one laser cleaner better than other? Aren’t they all technically the same? The answer to that question is a substantial no – all lasers aren’t created equal.
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