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PCMC launches interactive training materials via Mobile Link

Feb 13, 2019
Tablet technology offers machine-side training and easy document access for customers

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) recently launched Mobile Link, a handheld tablet solution that offers user-friendly access to interactive training materials and technical documentation. 

“Customers have been craving mobility and convenience for their training and technical publications for a while now,” said Noah Kellermann, Field Service Training Leader for PCMC. “After two years of extensive testing and development, we’re confident Mobile Link will be the perfect complement to our already robust training programs. The initial response from our test market has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Replacing binders of printed machine documentation, the rugged Mobile Link tablet is geared toward today’s operators and comes preloaded with interactive material, including instruction and parts manuals, schematics, lubrication schedules, simulators, videos and more. This new technology is available to all of PCMC’s tissue, flexographic printing and nonwovens customers. 

“Our diligence in developing a product that works for all of our product lines rests in our commitment to further enhance the trust our customers have in PCMC,” said Kellermann. “We wanted to be confident in offering a solution that’s proven, effective and relevant—and Mobile Link is all of those.”