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Why It Pays to Buy OEM Parts

Nov 30, 2018

You invest a tremendous amount of time and money when purchasing new converting equipment. So why would you choose to save money by purchasing non-OEM spare parts?

There are many options available for purchasing spare parts for your converting equipment. You may be tempted to buy non-OEM spare parts that are less expensive, however these parts may cost you more then you realize long term.

OEM spare parts are made by the machine’s manufacturer to the precise specifications of your machine. They are designed for peak performance and work seamlessly with other OEM parts that make up your machine. Non-OEM parts are generically designed so they can fit many types of machines and can impair the sync and performance of your equipment – resulting in lower efficiency or breakdowns. Likewise, when you use “similar” or “recommended alternative” parts.

Non-OEM spare parts tend to underperform, so any upfront cost savings are offset by loss in productivity and efficiency. Down-time, maintenance change out costs, and wear or damage to mating parts are additional costs to consider.

Other long-term benefits of using OEM spare parts include:

  1. Endurance – OEM parts are a higher quality and meet specified tolerances, so they last longer.
  2. Efficiency - although OEM parts may be somewhat more expensive in the short-term, over time they result in a consistently better-performing machine.
  3. Forward-thinking innovation – OEMs continuously develop and improve their products, meaning extensive research and testing is applied to parts that address current and future needs.
  4. Reliable distribution – OEMs generally have larger supply chains and distribution networks that have track records of timely and accurate delivery.
  5. Warranty coverage on new equipment – in certain instances using non-OEM parts can void your machine’s warranty coverage.

Making the decision to purchase OEM spare parts for your machine will ensure that your equipment runs at its optimum performance, which will deliver the absolute best end product for your customers.