Pour & Lok™

Rejuvenate your product offer with Pour & Lok™


The latest opening style from the INNO-LOK® resealable packaging family, Pour & Lok™ is the most innovative product to produce resealable side gusseted bags and pouches. This versatile resealable packaging style is ideal for Pet Food, Lawn & Garden, and Snack applications. Utilizing roll stock with preapplied closure creates value by providing higher production rates, no reduction in processing speeds, less scrap, and less down-time.


  • Press-to-close, foldable closure is applied to film in side gusset of package for easy open Pour & Lok™
  • Roll stock with closure for Form-Fill-Seal packaging applications or pre-made bags and pouches
  • Allows large openings for scoopable products
  • Available as an attachment to existing 1400 Hudson-Sharp Inno-Lok® and
    pouch machines
  • Closure placement is offset to the side of the film to allow the package to travel
    through the Vertical Form-Fill-Seal machine with the closure at the top of the
  • Perforation and additional seal required on Vertical Form-Fill-Seal machine

Pour N Lok1 300dpi

Film with pre-applied foldable closure in the unlocked position formed into a gusseted package.

Pour N Lok2 300dpi

Package with perforated header removed allowing pour spout to be opened.

Pour N Lok3 300 dpi

Closure shown in flat orientation to allow closing of the package by folding and locking the closure. No need to tuck into gusset to close.

PourNLokfilm 300dpi

Roll to roll or in-line operation provides film with pre-applied closure prior to making the package.


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