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In 1997 The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company introduced INNO-LOK® and literally changed the way zippers are applied to packaging. INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film can be used for barrier and non-barrier packaging applications.

INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film is a patented product and method for attaching reclosable fasteners transversely to packaging films, thereby producing a roll of pre-zippered film. Enhance the efficiency of your bag making equipment with reclosable features today.

INNO-LOK®  provides the flexibility to run both reclosable or regular bags on any packaging lines without additional capital expenditures.

INNO-LOK®  is perfect for:

  • sliced meats
  • pasta
  • frozen products
  • cereal
  • pet food
  • rice
  • shredded cheese
  • coffee
  • baking mixes
  • snacks
  • fresh cut produce
  • sugar

New Product application possibilities:

E-Z tab non-barrier
bag profile e-z tab non barrier

  • Basic INNO-LOK® application
  • Vented - torturous path
  • Non-barrier applications
  • Typically used in frozen goods and bulk packaging for food and non-food product

E-Z tab barrier
bag profile e-z tab barrier

  • Moisture barrier applications - PE flange with peel seal
  • Gas barrier applications - barrier flange with peel seal

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