A revolutionary flexible film innovation, EZ-Stand, is the newest development from Innoflex Incorporated and Hudson-Sharp. EZ-Stand is a pre-applied bottom gusset on a roll that can easily produce stand-up pouches on a VFFS machine. The EZ-Stand pouch is made by utilizing an Inno-Lok® machine along with a universal applicator and has the same efficiency and economy to allow VFFS pillow pack to stand up.


  • Salty snacks

  • Frozen food

  • Cereal

  • Candy

  • Rice and grain

  • Bag in a box replacement

Key Features:

  • EZ-Stand film does not slow down filling speeds

  • Faster fill rates than pre-made Stand-Up pouches

  • Requires minor modification to VFFS sealing jaws with minimal capital investment

  • EZ-Stand can be combined with Front Panel, Bag Top, Zip360, and Pour & Lok closures

  • Finished gusset depth of 1.5”–3.5” or 3”–7” Open Gusset

  • Front Panel widths of 4”–14”



  • Craig Compton

    Vice President Print and Bag Converting

    p. 920-491-6621

    e. craig.compton@pcmc.com