Laser Anilox Cleaner

Laser Anilox Cleaner

A superior clean equals improved print quality

Maintaining clean anilox rolls is crucial to your printing quality. Our Meridian laser anilox cleaner deep cleans the anilox cells using a powerful laser that vaporizes deposited particles inside of the cells. It deeply cleans chrome and ceramic rolls of any line screen. The result is a superior clean, improved print quality and a longer life for your anilox rolls.

The Meridian laser anilox cleaner- formerly known as Graphbury Machines- is now backed by the full commitment and global reach of PCMC and Barry-Wehmiller’s engineering, sales and service.

This collaboration has resulted in significant enhancements to the product:

  • Fourth-generation, patent pending laser diode technology

    • Faster cleaning cycles

    • Longer laser life

    • Improved auto-focus system

    • Increased cleaning pattern uniformity

  • Upgraded internal air extraction system

  • Secure internet tunnel provisions for remote support

  • Larger operator touch screen

  • Enhanced, integrated LED push buttons

  • Updated software

  • Reduced energy consumption


What makes our laser anilox cleaner better then our competitors? We engineer, manufacture, test, install and service our machines. We are not an agent that resells a laser cleaner that has been made somewhere else. We see every Meridian laser anilox cleaner from conception to completion.



  • Rodney Pennings

    Sales Director, Flexographic Printing

    p. 920-491-6674


  • Eliminates messy waste
  • Low operating costs
  • Faster cleaning cycles
  • Does not require liquids, chemicals, or air supplies
  • Reliability with little maintenance
  • Removes most type of inks, adhesives, glazes, varnishes, stiffeners, and coatings
  • Cleans without increasing surface temperature
  • Deep cleans engravings of any line screen
  • Cleans aniloxes with or without journals
  • Safe operation with fully-automatic cleaning cycles
  • Patent pending laser technology
  • Simple operation with easy-to-use touch screen
  • Compliant with international safety regulations
  • Safe and easy access to all parts of the machine
  • Real-time machine status with light and sound indicators
  • Fourth-generation patent pending laser diode technology with automatic focusing system
  • Energy-efficient air extraction system
  • Requires only electrical power
  • Anilox rotation system
  • Quality design and construction