Central Impression

Where technology, reliability and performance merge.

PCMC’s Fusion series is designed to meet the needs of the competitive printing industry and was designed from the ground up with the customer in mind. All of the Fusion flexographic printing press platforms are loaded with energy and time saving features. Everything from automatic drum cleaning to automatic impression setting will keep the machine running more and the downtime less. The Fusion line of machines significantly reduces the energy requirements by utilizing low power consumption components, designs, and operations. Pairing that with fast changeovers and lower ink usage allows for a quick return on investment and competitive operating costs.

PCMC's newest innovation, the Fusion CX, is loaded with the same fast make-ready and waste-saving features as PCMC’s Fusion family of products, but with a smaller footprint and fewer parts, saving space and cost. Accessibility and ease of use, coupled with PCMC’s commitment to quality in design and manufacturing, make the Fusion CX a unique offering in the market.

PCMC received the 2019 FTA Innovation Award for its SteadyPrint™ print stabilization technology. SteadyPrint couples innovative patented mechanical designs with cutting edge disturbance cancelling algorithms that suppresses disturbance associated with the hard edge - largely removes the impact of bounce in flexographic printing. The press automatically learns when the disturbance occurs on each job and implements the cancellation algorithm to minimize or eliminate the impact on print quality.


  • Lowest cost impression including IntelliPrint™, which uses zero web to set up, the largest ink chamber opening, least solvent used in wash-up and efficient drying / low incinerator costs.

  • Full press changeover in 6 minutes per deck with no need to clean anything by hand.

  • Thinking of a green future with regenerative power braking, 100% renewable energy sources, no dryer gas train and 15 second or less machine quick stop from 2000 fpm (600 mpm).


  • 8 or 10 colors / 1500 fpm (450 mpm) optional 2000 fpm (600 mpm)
  • Widths at 42” (1066 mm), 52” (1320 mm) and 59” (1500 mm) and 66” (1676 mm)
  • Print repeat ranges available from 12” (305 mm) to 45” (1143 mm)
  • Configurable options including motorized web thread-up, CI drum cleaner, web slitting, pit-less press access lift system, solvent saver and 100% defect detection system