Gearless servo flexographic printing technology

At PCMC, we have taken our servo driven technology to a whole new level. The ELS-MAX has taken technology from both inline and wide web CI presses and combined that technology to produce a fast changeover inline press that holds extremely tight register to PCMC’s historical standards. Printers will save up to 50-75% in both waste and setup time by having the capability to store and recall virtually every setting on the press. Stored jobs can also be shared between multiple presses with just a touch of a button.

The ELS-MAX is rated to run solvent ink along with our standard water-based and UV inks and offers the ability to quickly change press parameters to make it run extremely efficient on many types of material.


  • Rodney Pennings

    Sales Director, Flexographic Printing

    p. 920-491-6674


  • Fast changeover with maximum savings on waste and setup time
  • Complete job storage and recall for virtually all press settings
  • PrintSense - Automatic zero speed impression setting
  • Automatic register control
  • Easy access to print units for web-up and cleaning
  • Easy access to motors and controls for maintenance
  • Interface to cameras for inspection, register, and color
  • Roll out ink drawers for easy access to ink chambers for process maintenance, cleaning, or exchange
  • Flextreme compressor located press-side to save on: heat loss, air loss, additional realestate needed, and installation time
  • Automatic timed cleaning for closed chambers and anilox roll
  • Run register tolerance +/- .003” up to 1000 FPM on most materials
  • Full direct driven servo technology for plate, anilox and impression cylinders
  • Fully motorized pressure adjustment for plate and anilox, both with skew adjustment
  • Closed ink chambers with large chamber opening and automatic force load for chamber to anilox pressure
  • Self contained ink system on each print unit
  • Sleeved plate and anilox rolls
  • Main operator station at the end of the press, and individual controls at each print unit
  • Web widths 24, 28, and 32”
  • Up to 12 colors
  • Repeat range 12-24” (12-30” optional)
  • Speed 750 FPM (1000 FPM optional)
  • Standard material range .005” film to 14 pt tag (Board only press 12pt to 28 pt)
  • 10 or 18 foot tunnel dryers available for heavy application of ink, coatings or adhesive
  • UV curing available at any print unit or under the drying tunnel for solvent ink applications
  • Drying systems for solvent, water and UV inks and coatings
  • Inline lamination with up to single 40” roll or automatic splice unit
  • Single roll or continuous run winders
  • Backside printing available on any print unit

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