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Sustainable by Design

Apr 05, 2018

Sustainability is a real movement for change, both in what we do and how we look at things. The earth has limited resources and as its inhabitants, it’s our responsibility to reduce our negative impact on these resources. Paper Converting Machine Company is committed to helping create a sustainable world by providing features on our flexographic printing presses that help our customers embrace sustainability.

The Fusion line of machines significantly reduces energy requirements by utilizing low-power-consumption components, designs, and operations. Pairing that with fast changeovers and lower ink usage allows for a quick return on investment and competitive operating costs.

Our ELS-Max helps printers save up to 75% in both waste and setup time by having the capability to store and recall virtually every setting on the press. Stored jobs can also be shared between multiple presses with just a touch of a button. The press allows operators to quickly change press parameters for optimized run efficiency on many types of material.

PCMC’s Flextreme dryer system, utilized across product lines, is the most energy-efficient dryer system on the market today. It is designed to use less than half of the energy required to operate a conventional gas-fired dryer system and includes the following benefits:

  • Designed for energy efficiency – up to 75% more efficient than previous designs
  • 50% less exhaust volume
  • Enhanced energy utilization
  • Optimized thermal retention

PCMC’s Vortex HP automatic wash system leads the industry in efficiency:

  • Saves of 10 gallons of solvent per wash cycle versus competitive systems
  • Significantly reduces yearly solvent usage
  • Uses peristaltic pumps for positive and consistent flow, low-pressure delivery, and less ink shear and ghosting

Our Meridian laser anilox cleaner does not require any chemicals, sodium bicarbonate or polymer beads, water, detergents, or waste disposal of any kind – making it a sustainable cleaning technology that has a very low environmental impact. The system uses less energy than a standard household dishwasher, oven, or refrigerator, with no need for air supply or any other utilities besides an electrical hookup. Additionally, the Meridian’s laser design uses optimized power and frequency to ensure the best, fastest clean without compromising operator safety.  Even the dust collection system includes a reusable bag.

“Eco-friendly” and “Environmentally-aware” aren’t just slogans at PCMC; we design solutions to help our customers exceed their environmental goals as well.