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Top Ten Press Features to Increase Productivity

Jan 23, 2018

Are you looking for a new printing press?  Would you like to upgrade your existing press?  Look for these features to help increase your productivity:

  1. Sleeved plate and anilox mandrels: allow faster print job changeover
  2. Automatic viscosity control system: helps to maintain ink properties for more consistent print quality
  3. Automatic print impression setting: reduces waste
  4. Automatic registration setting: reduces waste
  5. Highly effective drying system: allows higher production speeds
  6. Automatic splice/transfer winders: allow more press up-time
  7. Automatic print deck wash-up system: allows faster print job changeover
  8. Inline print inspection system: offers real-time print quality monitoring
  9. Web thread up system: allows more press up-time
  10. Automatic impression cylinder wash-up system: offers efficient maintenance of the cylinder surface