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Laser Mythbusters

Jan 23, 2018

With advances in new laser anilox cleaning technology, many questions and myths exist  about this new method of cleaning.

Myth 1 – Lasers aren’t safe

Truth: PCMC’s Meridian laser anilox cleaner has built in safety features – making it safer than traditional cleaning systems. The Meridian’s laser is considered to be Class 4, however it is completely contained with interlocks which result in the unit being rated as a Class 1 device by the FDA. The definition of Class 1 is equipment inherently safe with no possibility of eye damage.

Myth 2- Lasers are hard to use

Truth: The Meridian is fully automated, making it user friendly and easy to use. The laser automatically focuses, allowing aniloxes of various diameters and widths to be cleaned in the same pass without any operator intervention.

Myth 3 – Lasers are dangerous to the operator

Truth:  Eye injuries, skin irritations and burns from caustic chemicals used in the printing industry are common. The Meridian laser anilox cleaner eliminates the need for caustic and dangerous chemicals. With its built in safety features and Class 1 rating, the Meridian is safer than traditional cleaning systems.

Myth 4 – Lasers are radioactive and bad for the environment

Truth: The Meridian does not require any chemicals, sodium bicarbonate or polymer beads, water, detergents, or waste disposal of any kind – making it a sustainable cleaning technology that has a very low environmental impact. The system uses less energy than a standard household dishwasher, oven, or refrigerator.

Myth 5 – Lasers change the shape of the anilox cell

Truth: The Meridian does not alter the engraved anilox cell volume.  Rather, it thoroughly cleans surfaces of any line screen and returns cell volume to almost-new condition.

Myth 6 – Lasers damage the anilox surface

Truth: The Meridian’s laser focuses precisely on the surface of the anilox for effective cleaning without surface heating or damage of any kind.  In fact, risk of surface damage is much higher when using alternative cleaning methods, such as soda blast, dry ice blast, fluid/detergent wash, etc.

Myth 6 – All lasers are the same

Truth: The Meridian’s 4th-generation laser technology, coupled with a robust auto-focus system, offers a cleaning rate superior to any other laser anilox cleaner on the market.  Additionally, the Meridian’s laser design uses optimized power and frequency to ensure the best, fastest clean without compromising operator safety.

Myth 7 – Lasers are expensive

Truth: The Meridian’s fast and thorough cleaning cycle, low energy usage, and almost non-existent maintenance make it far less costly than any other anilox cleaning technology.