Harmony Duet

One machine offering high-speed bundling and case packing for simple line layouts


The Harmony Duet was designed to give converters flexibility to meet the potential future needs of their business. Here are a few of the other reasons why they would choose the Harmony Duet for their packaging business: 


  • Simplify pack loop while mitigating the future risk of a changing market
  • Experience reliable product handling for superior rates
  • Deliver market-leading quality, including bundle tightness, seal quality and strength and graphics registration, all at top speeds


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  • Jason Hilsberg

    Sales Director, Tissue

    p. 920-491-6670

    e. jason.hilsberg@pcmc.com

  • Pack loop simplification
  • Modular design for layout flexibility
  • Proven technology with a common infeed
  • Continuous motion design
  • Superior bundle quality – tightness, graphics registration, seal strength
  • Pick & Place case packing design for better product handling and speed
  • Simple changeover
  • Less change parts
  • No module storage or realignment necessary during changeovers –everything stays in place
  • 1:4 Integrated laner infeed
  • Tray module
  • Motorized adjustments with digital feedback and calculated positions for fast initial pack setup, including changeover wizard that provides onscreen instructions during changeover
  • Additional bundler options
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