Simple and intuitive to operate with reliable and consistent performance


The M275W Servo Wicketer features time saving adjustments to keep your machine running longer with less down time. Easy wicket pin adjustments, tool-less rope belt adjustments, tool-less vacuum hub adjustments, simplified infeed threading, and producing cycle speeds up to 325 cpm makes operation simple and intuitive.

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  • Mark Bampfield

    Director - APAC Region

    p. +61 419 340662

    e. mark.bampfield@pcmc.com

  • Peter Sztehno

    Sales Director - EMEA

    p. +32 2 464 0110

    e. peter.sztehno@pcmc.com

  • Piergiorgio Assandri

    Product Manager - Bag Converting

    p. (920) 491 6050

    e. piergiorgio.assandri@pcmc.com

• Tool-less rope belt table adjustment
• Tool-less wicket arm hub adjustment
• Easy wicket pin adjustment
• Maximizes process efficiency with real time seal dwell
• Recipe storage for up to 500 bag set-ups
• Smokehood enclosure standard for cleaner working environment
• Cycle speeds over 325 cpm
• Seals a wide variety of blends and gauges
• All metric fasteners
• Designed for the needs of the global market

  • WASP
  • Sealbar cleaning system – requires SST sealbar
  • Servo Anti-bounce over infeed
  • Servo Presealer
  • Bank punches
  • Square and round bottom
  • Zipper sealer
  • Drum and hot air sealing
  • Ball and dye punching
  • Cross sealers
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