Professional Log Saws

Cuts away-from-home tissue and towel logs to final product length


The professional LSX Logsaw is a one-lane saw designed to cut away-from-home tissue and towel logs to final roll product length. With a robust fault detection system, and numerous optional features to choose from, the LSX offers the flexibility customers need to meet production demands in today’s competitive tissue market.


  • Gino Santi

    Sales Director - Tissue Converting - Americas



  • Gianluca Matelli

    Sales Director - Tissue Converting - EMEA and APAC



  • Arm driven by servo motor

  • Saw blade driven by servo motor

  • Installation and removal of blades accomplished from floor level

  • Grind wheel assemblies have quick disconnect

  • Clamp change parts

  • Diameter specific clamps

  • Blade cooling system

  • Blade deflection detection system

  • Automatic trim eliminator

  • No trim capability

  • Fire suppression system

  • Grinder dust collection system

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