Consumer Log Saws

Prolog LT

A cost-effective solution for mid-production levels

The Prolog LT is a logsaw designed for mid production level rates. The straightforward and clean design provides a cost-effective solution for a customer’s converting needs up to 250 cuts per minute per lane.

Customers who choose the Prolog LT benefit from:

  • Smooth, reliable operation at high speed.
  • Product changeover without change parts.
  • Quality cuts throughout the blade life.
  • No product marking or slip.



The world’s fastest log saw

The Prolog is the world’s fastest log saw, incorporating continuous motion technology to provide the highest product quality and reliability at unequalled converting rates. The Prolog consists of the following:

  • Continuous motion orbit head.
  • Blade grinding system.
  • Log infeed conveyor.
  • Full diameter range log clamps.
  • Shuttle trim eliminator.



  • Jason Hilsberg

    Sales Director, Tissue

    p. 920-491-6670


Prolog LT

• Continuous motion orbit head
• Full diameter range clamps
• Shuttle trim eliminator


• Continuous motion orbit head
• Full diameter range clamps
• Shuttle trim eliminator

Prolog LT

Production Package

  • Timing belt conveyor (replaces chain conveyor)
  • Optimal flight length to minimize air cuts

Automation Package

  •  Servo adjust log clamps
  • Auto orbit head and grinder adjust

Operational Package

  • Swing arm HMI
  • Auto orbit head and grinder adjust
  • Lexan shuttle trim panels
  • Photo Eye Air Wash System

Conveyor Interface Package

  • Back up stop photoeyes
  • Back up pause photoeyes

Selective roll culling
Fire protection system


  • Number of lanes
  • Towel/tissue capability
  • Prolog HD configuration: Prolog HD is a variant with heavy duty features for larger diameter and/or higher density logs
  • EcoTrim
  • Fire protection system
  • Servo clamp adjustment
  • Selective roll culling
  • Grinder dust collection system

Prolog LT


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