Configurable for enhancing one or two webs

The VW (Vertical Way) Embosser series is configurable for enhancing one or two webs, using matched steel embossing, rubber-steel embossing, rubber-steel calendaring or a combination of these. The series includes the popular two-station Chair Style. Some of the benefits of the VW Embosser include the following:

  • Wrinkle-free operation without tension upset.
  • Minimized tension disturbances.
  • Efficient horizontal roll changes


  • Gino Santi

    Sales Director - Tissue Converting - Americas


    e. gino.santi@pcmc.com

  • Gianluca Matelli

    Sales Director - Tissue Converting - EMEA and APAC


    e. gianluca.matelli@pcmc.com

  • High speed industrial applications
  • Versatility of product enhancement
  • One or two stations
  • Matched steel embosser
  • Rubber-steel embosser/calender
  • Bypass idlers
  • Closed loop embossing interference control
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