NT Series

Designed for the high-end tissue/towel converter.



The NT5000 is a state-of-the-art embosser/laminator optimized for both hygienic tissue and kitchen towels. Its design features a solid structure with two steel frames and an embossing unit comprising rubber and engraved steel rolls, facilitating easy maintenance and adjustments. The embosser enhances operational efficiency through a removable frame for rapid roll changes, and an optional automated frame for further downtime reduction. It includes a lubrication system for the embossing rolls, a hydraulic system for precise embossing pressure, and an automatic web threading system for smooth production transitions. Capable of embossing and gluing two paper plies into a cohesive unit with glued tips, the NT5000 delivers high-speed embossing capabilities, with optional features for improved performance and ease of operation, making it a critical addition to tissue converting operations.



The NT6000 embosser/laminator is designed to emboss and glue two plies of paper, making it ideal for both hygienic and kitchen towel production. This machine is distinguished by its construction, which includes two robust steel frames connected by spacers for stability, and an innovative second structure that pivots for easy access and maintenance. The embossing unit features two rubber and two engraved steel rolls, designed for synchronous movement and easy adjustments. A lubrication system on the steel roll ensures clean operation and easy detachment of glued plies. Its hydraulic system powers all pistons in the machine, maintaining consistent pressure and enhancing operational efficiency. Additional features include idle and spreader rolls to guide paper and remove wrinkles, an optional draw roll to maintain web tension, and an automatic web threading system for easy startup. The machine also offers an optional gluing unit with ceramic coated rolls for precise lamination, and an additional embossing unit for custom patterns. With capabilities for high-speed operation both with and without glue, the NT6000 sets new standards in tissue paper embossing and laminating, offering versatility, efficiency, and ease of use for tissue converters.



The NT7000 embosser/laminator, represents the pinnacle of innovation in paper embossing and gluing technology, catering to both hygienic and kitchen towel production. This advanced machine features a dual-structure design, composed of two sturdy steel frames connected by spacers, with a pivotal second frame for easy maintenance and adjustment access. The embossing unit, equipped with two rubber and two engraved steel rolls, enables precise control over embossing synchronicity. A lubrication system on the steel roll ensures clean operation and smooth detachment of glued plies. The NT7000's hydraulic system, which powers all machine pistons, offers adjustable speeds for opening and closing pistons, maintaining consistent pressure throughout the operation. Idle and spreader rolls within the machine facilitate optimal paper unwinding and wrinkle removal. For enhanced operational efficiency, an optional draw roll maintains web tension, and an automatic web threading system ensures seamless startup and transition to subsequent processes. The optional gluing unit features a ceramic-coated roll for even glue distribution, adjustable via hydraulic cylinders. The NT7000 boasts high-speed capabilities, with or without glue, supported by a robust frame, large diameter rolls, and advanced features like automatic web threading and optional HMI-adjustable nip settings, setting a new standard for embossing and laminating in the tissue converting industry.



Arco is a system for lifting and moving steel rolls completely automatically, that can be installed on NT6503 embosser. The device removes the roll to be replaced from the machine, positions it in the designated area inside the line’s guarding perimeter, hooks up the new roll from an internal warehouse or a shuttle, and installs it on the embosser. 


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