NT Series

Designed for the high-end tissue/towel converter

The NT8001 embosser-laminator is designed for the needs of the high-end tissue/towel converter. It utilizes a differential offset gravure process for lamination, and is designed for quick-change product flexibility. Some of the benefits of the NT8001 include the following:

  • Safe accessibility for maintenance and quick changeovers.
  • Precise process control.
  • Quiet and reliable operation.


  • Gino Santi

    Sales Director - Tissue Converting - Americas


    e. gino.santi@pcmc.com

  • Gianluca Matelli

    Sales Director - Tissue Converting - EMEA and APAC


    e. gianluca.matelli@pcmc.com

  • Pivoting clamshell frames
  • Independent servo drives on:
    • steel embossing rolls
    • applicator roll
    • gravure roll
    • guide rolls
    • spreader rolls
  • Enclosed doctor chamber adhesive metering system
  • Internally oiled brush rolls
  • Integral dust control
  • Rubber roll cooling system
  • Adhesive dual tank and filter system
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