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Service contracts: The perfect prescription for keeping machines healthy

Feb 04, 2021

Whether it is a visit with the doctor or an oil change at the auto mechanic, we practice preventive maintenance every day of our lives. The idea is to work ahead of schedule and fix things before they break. Preventive maintenance is especially important when owning and operating large manufacturing equipment.

Less equipment downtime
While all maintenance tasks require some equipment downtime, preventive maintenance decreases and optimizes downtime. Plans are in place and associates have assigned roles to get equipment back running as fast as possible.

Improve efficiency
Preventive maintenance schedules inspections, fluid changes, part replacements and more. These little fixes help equipment run much more efficiently.

Longer asset life
Manufacturing equipment is not inexpensive to purchase or replace. The better a company cares for its equipment, the longer it lasts. Over time, preventive maintenance reduces costs and increases profit.

Increased workplace safety
Broken equipment creates hazards and unsafe working conditions. Preventive maintenance fixes issues before they become dangerous and can reduce accidents and injuries.

While the rewards are clear, the implementation of a preventive maintenance program can also be complicated, time consuming and costly. It often creates a debate as to whether one is worth installing. Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) service contracts help customers develop a program with benefits that far exceed the costs. Divided into tiers, PCMC offers annual subscriptions featuring phone, online/video and on-site technician support multiple times a year.

“The service contracts give customers direct access to a team of PCMC experts, even after normal business hours,” says Rick Roeske, PCMC Accelerate Team Leader. “They also allow us to plan ahead and assign the most-qualified technician for the job. That has led to some incredible success stories. One customer averaged about 1,000 hours of unscheduled downtime per year when they started their first PCMC service contract. Three years later that number dropped to less than 200 hours per year.”

The service contracts also create an opportunity to deepen relationships.

“While at a customer’s facility, our service technicians are working side-by-side their maintenance technicians,” says Roeske. “The customer inherently receives hands-on training while we receive a better understanding about how our machines run in the field and what improvements can be made.”

When implemented properly, service contracts and preventive maintenance plans will help equipment last longer and cause fewer interruptions – giving customers peace of mind knowing they’re well positioned to meet the constantly changing needs their business will face well into the future.


The type of service plans available varies by region and product line. To learn more, please connect with your PCMC service manager or sales executive.

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