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Accelerate Can Help Your Bag Converting Business Avoid Trouble

Aug 11, 2020

Are you having trouble finding improvement opportunities in your bag converting production?

Hudson Sharp's Accelerate Monitoring service provides the insights and recommended actions to enable your team to take productivity and efficiency to the next level. 

Some of the ways Accelerate can help your business:

  1. Always keep your operations in top shape and performing outstandingly while keep track of your improvement areas (uptime, downtime, change over time, production statistics per job, shift, day, week).
  2. Improve your OEE (Data reporting).
  3. Smart data flows from and / or into your ERP system (Industry 4.0).
  4. Have live access to the performance of any of your machines at any time, on one of your smart devices (Real-time monitoring).
  5. Compare and improve the performance of your machines, operators and jobs (Statistics).
  6. Receive instant notifications of machine issues, so resolutions can happen fast and minimize downtime (Machine diagnostics).
  7. Export key metrics on your smart devices to be used for analytics, meetings and e-mailings (Data export).
  8. Reliable messaging system that notifies predefined personnel (SMS notification system).

Keep your finger on the pulse of your production. Real-time views of your machine’s output and performance will position you for success and protect the long-term performance of your equipment.

Accelerate Monitoring is available on the 5-series and Apollo wicketer machines. 

Contact your sales representative for more information.