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7 Reasons to Purchase an Ares 400-SUP

May 26, 2020

The Ares 400-SUP is the newest innovative pouch machine from Hudson-Sharp. It was created from listening to our clients' changing needs. Here are 7 reasons to purchase the Ares 400-SUP:

  1. Quick Changeovers - The Ares 400-SUP is a compact, easy to operate, quick changeover pouch machine designed for short/medium runs.
  2. Versatility - All of our pouch machines feature modular designs for versatile machine configurations that are capable of producing a wide variety of pouch styles.
  3. Recycle Ready - The Ares 400-SUP runs recycle ready PE, laminated films, paper, and bio-films with ease and a low scrap rate. Hudson-Sharp has a long history of processing all PE webs which can be applied to recycle ready pouches.  While the converting industry is challenged by new recycle ready structures, Hudson Sharp has been running PE structures for years.  
  4. Support- Standing behind all of our equipment is our promise to serve you and service the machines that you rely on to keep your business moving. This includes installation, start-up, training and maintenance performed by a team of more than 60 highly trained service technicians.

  5. Spare Parts- We have a global service team and spare parts stocking locations around the world. We can provide regional support everywhere globally for service and spare parts.  
  6. Industry 4.0- Through options like video troubleshooting and data monitoring, we use our knowledge to minimize downtime for our customers around the world. We can offer quicker response times and immediate recommendations that prevent your equipment from costly failures. By bridging the gap between humans and machines working together, we’ve created connected work environments that will ramp up your production levels to meet tomorrow’s needs using today’s equipment.
  7. Experience and Location  - With over 100 years of experience and industry leading technology, the Hudson-Sharp name is known for high-quality machinery and world-renowned customer service. With four major production centers in the U.S., England, Italy and Belgium, and over 800 team members worldwide, we are uniquely equipped to serve all of our customers.
For more information on the Ares 400-SUP, click here.