The most flexible wicket machine available


The industry leader in wicketer technology, Hudson-Sharp continues to revolutionize our high-quality wicketers. Our wicketers are known for their reliability to produce high-quality wicketed bags as well as providing maximum flexibility with a modular machine configuration.

Our latest state of the art high dynamic servo technology allows production speeds over 450 bags per minute.

The Apollo series will help your business:

  • Improve your accuracy on recurring orders

  • Reduce your scrap rates

  • Collect improvement metrics to help you make the right production decisions


The Apollo's Industry 4.0 smart features will increase your production and bottom line:

  • Remote monitoring of your machine's operating status in real time. Access reports on your PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Uptime, downtime, changeover time and production statistics per job, shift, day, or week
  • Insights into downtime occurrence and causes
  • Machine diagnostics
  • Download of key metrics to Excel file
  • Support page with up-to-date instruction manuals, schematics and troubleshooting tools
  • SMS notifications for operators requesting help from technicians or other team members
  • Easy look-up of spare parts available


  • Mark Bampfield

    Sales Manager - Asia/Pacific

    p. +61 419 340 0662

    e. mark.bampfield@pcmc.com

  • Peter Sztehno

    Sales Director - EMEA

    p. +32 2 464 0110

    e. peter.sztehno@pcmc.com

  • Scott Romenesko

    Sales Director - Americas

    p. +1 920 496 1426

    e. scott.romenesko@pcmc.com

  • Quick changeover features including automation
  • Enhanced ergonomics and user interface
  • Increased output speeds
  • Industry 4.0 smart features
  • WASP (Wicket Automated Stack Processor)
  • End of line integrated automation
  • Glue applications for courier or medical
  • Hygiene and diaper. Full range of options for hygiene applications
  • Our latest state of the art high dynamic servo technology allows production speeds over 450 bags/minute.
  • High performance motors
  • Auto correction
  • 10 arm configuration
  • Mono-Hub
  • Ease exchangeable drawroll
  • Easy belt-table set-up
  • Recipe based sensors
  • Auto positioning of all attachements
  • One-step conveyor