Flexible, modular design for the production of side weld or mixed weld (twin seal) bags.

Available in three machine widths, 275 (30”)/2106 (42”)/2400 (55”).

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  • Mark Bampfield

    Sales Manager - Asia/Pacific

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  • Scott Romenesko

    Sales Director - Americas

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  • Peter Sztehno

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  • Easy changeover with seal dwell adjustment
  • Quality output via servo driven multiple tension zone web control and quality production
  • Accurate and consistent bag lengths with size adjustments on the fly
  • Independent corrugator speed and penetration adjustments improve bag delivery and stack integrity
  • Optional bag stacking system forms bag stacks while reducing the need for cycle interrupt
  • Patented two-way print registration
  • Reduced maintenance due to jam detection system that automatically halts operation if jam occurs
  • Quick change seal roll mounting
  • User friendly with state of the art control system featuring Allen-Bradley color touchscreen
  • Recipe storage for repeat job setups

• V-board unwind stands; 1500 mm (60” folding width)
• Bottom gusset former
• Long stack index conveyor (up to 1.9 meters)
• Extended attachment rails
• Mixed weld (twin seal) seal head
• Wicketer hole punch with auto-correction
• Hole punch banks
• Rotary perforator
• Lip turner
• Angle sealer
• Split lane operation converts dual lanes of print registered material
• Sandwich bag attachment converts single web into multiple lanes of relatively small  product
• Priority mail envelop attachment includes integration of various glue applicators
• Other options available depending on application

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