Consumer Tailsealers

Providing reliable tail sealing for production lines at various speed


Rotoseal V

The Rotoseal V is PCMC’s proven tailsealer for consumer bathroom tissue and household towel. Leveraging much of the technology of the high-speed Rotoseal Ultra, the Rotoseal V provides reliable tail sealing for medium speed production lines.


Rotoseal Ultra

The Rotoseal Ultra is PCMC’s high-performance tailsealer, with a maximum cycle rate of up to 60 logs per minute. Features for high throughput include separate pairs of rollers for tail location and tail unwinding, and a servo actuated adhesive application system.


  • Jason Hilsberg

    Sales Director, Tissue

    p. 920-491-6670


Rotoseal V & Rotoseal Ultra

  • Easy setup
  • Separate pairs of rollers for tail location and unwinding
  • Adhesive applied to roll via cable

Rotoseal V & Rotoseal Ultra

  • Infeed for a surface rewinder or center rewinder
  • Cull conveyor(s)
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