Professional Rewinders

Forte Ultra Professional

The Forte Professional surface rewinder is engineered for winding firm and dense jumbo roll tissue, center pull tissue, and hardwound towel products at high sustainable speeds with consistent quality. It is designed for unsurpassed accessibility and fast changeover. 


Forte V Professional

The Forte V Professional surface rewinder is designed for compact footprint lines producing away-from-home products. It has the unmatched safe, open access and cleanliness of the Forte Professional, without some of the features for high speeds that add cost and complexity. 


Forte HW

Forte HW is a variation of our Forte rewinders with features and product ranges for hardwound towel (HWT) and other away-from-home products. The Forte HW surface rewinder is targeted for converters with high production requirements. It runs at high speeds extremely reliably, and when downtime does occur from a wrap or a jam, the design facilitates a quick return to full production. 



  • Jason Hilsberg

    Sales Director, Tissue

    p. 920-491-6670