Consumer Coreless

Invisible Coreless technology enables changing between cored and coreless products as a grade change. The InvisibleTM Consumer Coreless Mandrel Extractor removes winding mandrels from coreless consumer logs and returns the mandrels to the rewinder for reuse.


Converters can quickly and easily switch between core and coreless production by filling the hopper with cores or mandrels, and if necessary changing the transfer glue. The rewinder will have the same accessibility and ease of operation, and require similar operator skills and diligence, as when running with cores.


As more consumers make sustainability a priority, converters are considering the benefits this technology provides. Coreless products promote environmental sustainability and save the raw material and energy cost of producing cores, and coreless production with InvisibleTM technology requires the same energy in the rewinder as cored products.


  • Jason Hilsberg

    Sales Director, Tissue

    p. 920-491-6670