Connected Services

Accelerate Live

Through a mobile app, we create a fully collaborative live environment with an instant audio/video connection between the customer facility and our PCMC technicians and engineering experts. Through the use of a simple tablet, both participants can draw in a relative 3D space to facilitate the troubleshooting and diagnostic process. PCMC developed this app to connect in industrial facilities with low-bandwith Wi-Fi. It is a subscription-based service that works through a PCMC-provided kit that includes a tablet, a case, and noise-canceling headphones.

Accelerate Online

Accelerate Online provides remote troubleshooting support for our customers’ PLCs, drives and operations. We utilize Secomea units via secure network access to log into controllers and monitor the current state of program logic, drives and motors. While equipment is running, we observe the current state and ensure logic is working as expected. This enables our team to help our customers troubleshoot on site and get their equipment running efficiently. And the extensive security measures offered by Secomea provides peace of mind to our customers who know their data is safe.

Accelerate Monitoring

The true power of data is in putting it to work for you. PCMC’s Accelerate Monitoring service provides the insights and recommended actions to enable your team to take productivity and efficiency to the next level. Through the use of cloud-based data, our easy-to-understand dashboards enable customers to leverage IoT technology to get a real-time view of their machine’s output and performance. When you pair this up with our knowledgeable team of experts, who can take a deep dive into this data and make recommendations for service or adjustments, you’re poised for success and protecting the long-term performance of your equipment.

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