Continuous Facial Line

PCMC’s Continuous Facial Lines are the highest capacity and most reliable facial tissue production lines available. This document specifies the unwind, forming section, and pull stations, which form a continuous ribbon of facial tissue at the finished stack height. The saw and cartoner loader cut the ribbon into stacks and load them into the cartoner.


  • Dave Kessenich

    Sales Director - Folding International

    p. 920-491-6505


  • Quick parent roll changes increase efficiency
  • Plybonding and slitting for ease of setup for different slit widths
  • Adjustable ribbon conveyor height to maximize quality cuts
  • Interfold or non-interfold
  • Servo-driven pull stations control snap-back and cut length tolerance
  • Remote start-stop on HMIs improves efficiency adding to OEE
  • Ultrasonic splice detection and cull tracking
  • Quick fold change
  • Parent roll loading carts with idling chucks
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