RDP Marathon Modifications Upgrades and Rebuilds


Acquired by PCMC in 2019, RDP Marathon offers practical solutions to enhance productivity by providing custom engineering, advanced manufacturing and support for turn-key equipment requirements. Whether increasing the operational efficiency of current equipment or designing new press equipment, the goal is to match the equipment to the requirement and improve profitability.

All of our equipment is designed for quick and easy expansion or conversion in the field.


Re-engineering old equipment to as-new condition, instead of purchasing new equipment, reduces industrial waste, energy usage and carbon emissions as well as costs to the customer. Committed to sustainability principles, if we can't return your redundant equipment to original performance levels, we'll assure safe disposal of your old equipment.


Repurposing simply involves upgrading equipment so it can be used for something other than its original intent. Repurposing means you don't have to spend money on a new machine, something that is not always justified given how fast technology changes and how expensive it can be to constantly keep up. Repurposing has other advantages too:

  • Less time spent on constantly updating newer technology

  • More cash for other day-to-day operational needs

  • Current asset continues to be utilized competitively


Refurbishing involves “rebuilding” existing equipment to varying degrees. We will return your machinery to working condition; rebuild it but leave the existing control system, completely rebuild it including installation of a new control system, re-engineer the entire machine or entirely reconfigure an existing production line.



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    Aftermarket Upgrade and Rebuild Sales

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