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PCMC’s new Paragon reimagines the possibilities of tissue rewinding

by User Not Found | Jun 08, 2021
Winding technology offers simplicity, productivity and product control for premium tissue products

GREEN BAY, Wis. — June 8, 2021 — Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC)—a division of Barry-Wehmiller and a global supplier of high-performance converting machinery for the tissue, nonwovens, package-printing and bag-converting industries—is pleased to announce the launch of its Paragon tissue rewinder.


Paragon features a patent-pending center-surface design that produces superior caliper, bulk and diameter flexibility. Log winding takes place in a new-concept nest, comprised of a winding drum, winding belt, compound-motion rider roll and center drives.


“Paragon offers a completely new method of tissue rewinding,” said Andrew Green, PCMC Vice President of Tissue and Folding. “It is radical only in the sense that we made the wind nest as simple as possible. Usually when you increase a machine’s speed, you sacrifice ease of use, but we know customers want both. With Paragon, we created a machine capable of higher speeds that is easier to operate. It’s remarkable.”


Many of Paragon’s subsystems are proven technology solutions in use on PCMC’s trusted Forte rewinder, with several upgrades. Paragon’s enhanced web handling and grade changes are mainly recipe-driven, and its specially designed tools guide fast calibrations. Like the Forte rewinder, Paragon has an intentional open-access design, plus, typical areas to clean require less frequent attention, and recovery and restart occur safely and quickly.


Paragon also closes the gap between humans and machines with a new Smart Touch human-machine interface (HMI), which delivers Industry 4.0 tools that transform data to action. Following high-performance design principles, the clean and modern interface provides enhanced operator help, and new smart analytic features offer insights to improve overall equipment effectiveness. The Smart Touch HMI works much like today’s mobile devices with swipe functionality, enabling a short learning curve and improved productivity.


“While the focus is on the new wind nest, a Paragon line is more than that,” said Green. “We added elements like advanced web handling and a state-of-the-art HMI. At PCMC, we are not into hyperbole, but we believe that this machine has raised the bar and is what future tissue-converting machines will be judged against. And, that’s why we called it Paragon.”