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All Laser Cleaners Aren’t Created Equal

Apr 27, 2021

Laser cleaning has quickly established itself as the leading technology for effectively cleaning anilox rolls. Laser cleaners are the most green and sustainable method of cleaning available today. There is no waste steam, and it does not require harsh chemicals or water consumption. Only electricity is required – making the cost of ownership low and the return on investment high.

So, what makes one laser cleaner better than the other? Aren’t they all technically the same? The answer to that question is a substantial no – all lasers aren’t created equal.

Lasers and pulse frequency

A laser cleaner uses a laser beam to ablate residue from the cells of a roll. A laser’s pulse frequency is measured in kilohertz (kHz) and also known as repetition rate. Pulse frequency refers to the number of times the laser “fires” per second.  Why is pulse energy so important? When pulse energy is too high, there is a large probability of it causing a condition called “micro-melting” or “micro-fractures” on the roll surface. Low pulse frequency generates too much heat for the engraved surface to withstand, which can lead to hot spots which cause cell damage.

The Meridian Elite’s rotational scanner allows the laser to have a much higher pulse frequency, but at a lower energy per pulse. This means there is less heat transferred to the roll per pulse – which eliminates the occurrence of micro-melting or fractures. The high pulse frequency contributes to the Meridian Elite’s faster cleaning cycles. Most customers will experience three times faster cleaning cycles compared to other laser cleaners.

The Meridian Elite’s patented laser technology was designed by PCMC and was winner of the FTA’s 2020 Innovation award and 2020 Label Industry Global Award. We engineer, manufacture, test, install and service every single one of our laser cleaners – ensuring quality through the whole process. When it comes to laser cleaners and the company that builds and services them – all lasers aren’t created equal.