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How to Solve the Biggest Web Problems on Flexo Presses

Jun 22, 2018

There’s an equation for printing success. Too much press downtime while troubleshooting defects isn’t a part of it. Wasted time is wasted money. These troubleshooting suggestions will serve as a starting point in tackling your web issues.



Probable Cause

Corrective Action

Web weave

(failing to track or follow

a true course through

the process).

Web guides not operating

or properly set

Check and clean web guides regularly per manufacturer’s instructions. Set web guides and position cores so that web will unwind and rewind at an equal measurement from the end of the respective shafts

Press out of alignment

Realign press

A roller or rollers

out of alignment

Realign roller or rollers

Buildup of ink, tape, or foreign matter on

press rollers

Clean all rollers

of foreign matter

Excessive web temperature

(film substrates)

Reduce web temperature

Gauge inconstancies

with substrate

Replace with new substrate

Wrinkles in substrate.

Baggy substrate

Tape rollers at web edge to draw out wrinkles

Equipment misalignment

Adjust all roller alignment