PCMC Machine Audits:
Restore your equipment to like new condition.

Paper Converting Machine Company’s machine audit program can help you extend the life of your existing converting assets, while bringing your production levels back to the asset's original capabilities.   PCMC service personnel will thoroughly inspect and record your machine’s current state, and provide you with a road map for bringing it back to its’ original “as shipped” condition.

Do you have equipment problems but can’t put your finger on it?

The Audit Report will:
  • Identify problem areas ranked by severity (high, medium, or low) and recommend a path forward for maintenance and budget planning
  • Provide a defined parts list with PCMC part numbers and pricing for ease of ordering
  • Detail possible upgrades and modifications to reduce downtime and enhance machine performance
  • PCMC's 6/60 program will provide a 6% discount on replacement parts identified in the audit report for a period of sixty (60) days

For more information or to schedule an audit, please contact our Audit Leader:

Joe Schuh



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