Wet Wipes

PCMC has been an industry leader in the wet wipes industry since the beginning. We have been enhancing and developing nonwoven equipment since the market began. We were first to market with hygienic machines, high speed folding, cross-folding, quick product changeover, and most recently, multi-servo cutting modules. Our latest machine platforms were designed with our customers’ profitability in mind. Using industry standard components and many uptime focused features, these machines are designed to perform reliably.

PCMC offers machine platforms designed to meet the production demands of small startup operations as well as industry leading global wet wipe producers. Our modular designs can be configured to meet any of your market needs and incorporate the following features:

  • OEE features: always ready components, quick start/stop, low waste operation
  • Safe and ergonomic access, operation, change-over, and adjustment
  • Reliable low maintenance components incorporated into proven designs

Clipper Rx100

The Clipper Rx100 is the perfect machine for start-up operations or lab lines.  It offers quick changeover wetting and folding modules with the flexibility to accommodate virtually any flat-pack format.  Utilizing the latest Rockwell drives and controls allows for a low maintenance state-of-the-art design. This small footprint machine is just what it takes to enter the wet wipe market, or do a little research and development to expand your business.

  • High speed 600 cuts per minute and multi-clip stacking capability
  • Wide selection of folding options: Z, C, J, V-Z, W-Z, W, and more….
  • All this in a 20 foot (6.1 meter) machine length

Clipper Rx200

The Clipper Rx200 is a compact wet wipe machine designed to grow with your business.  Like the Rx100, it offers flexibility to run many types of raw materials and flat-pack formats. The advantage the Rx200 brings is the ability to scale up the web count, stacker and cut module, plus offer many more unwind options. This platform is capable of achieving 250 stacks per minute which provides the ability to produce large sheet count products. 

  • Extremely customizable to your production needs
  • Easily upgraded to expand with your business
  • Many unwind options: wide roll, surface driven, auto-splicing

Clipper Rx300

The Clipper Rx300 is the perfect machine platform for the large production operation.  Building off the same modular configurable approach as the Rx200, the Rx300 offers the same benefits but with even more expanded capability.  With the standard cut module capable of a 40 mm ribbon height, large volumes of product can be run on this machine.  The expanded cut capabilities also allow for a larger quantity of unwinds, which in turn creates more options for product counts.

  • Excellent stack quality maintained through the rotary saw
  • High speed large product output machine platform
  • Many options to upgrade and expand the machine’s capability

Mako Clipper

The Mako Clipper is very similar to the Rx300 except with an upgraded saw module. This cutting module named “Mako” offers the latest technology in controls and reliability. Being completely servo driven enables it to be adjusted by a push of a button. This drastically reduces the time required to make simple product length changes. In addition, the controls platform allows the machine to stop in a controlled manner even under the loss of power, all without losing product integrity.

  • All the same functions and features of the Rx300 Clipper, but with an upgraded saw module
  • Maintains product integrity even during a power loss


The Marlin is PCMC’s latest generation crossfolder. Offering features like vacuum-less web control, thread-less wetting system components, and servo controlled cutting and folding, this machine is designed for uptime and efficiency. It maintains excellent stack quality through the full speed range up to 2000 wipes per minute.  Additional options like secondary unwinding, auto-splice unwinds, and two sided wetting make this machine flexible for any convertor.

  • Industry leading wetting technology – up to 350% add on
  • Push-button setup and electronic phasing
  • Low profile and easy access machine design


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