L3 Journey

Barry-Wehmiller’s own Lean leadership transformation builds on more than 20 years of exploring the incredible impact that inspirational leadership can make on people’s ability to discover and develop their gifts in a fulfilling way.  We began our Lean Journey in an effort to more fully live out our Guiding Principles of Leadership.  To describe this unique, people-centric approach to Lean, we created the Living Legacy of Leadership, or L3, vision.  The resulting impact on our people and process could not be more profound.  Businesses have paid people for the work of their hands for years.  Through the L3 Journey we are encouraging our associates to offer the full complement of their talents — head, heart and hands.

Creating the L3 Vision

In September 2006, at Barry-Wehmiller’s fifth annual GPL conference, 27 individuals representing all Barry-Wehmiller divisions and functions explored the convergence of our Guiding Principles and our Lean journey.  The team agreed that bringing these two ideas together was a strategy that is critical to a business model that secures a challenging, rewarding and sustainable future for our associates.  By the conclusion of the conference, the team had created a document outlining a dynamic new strategy, known as the Living Legacy of Leadership.  Following the conference, each participant returned to their location and shared the purpose and details of the L3 document, officially beginning the L3 Journey. 

L3 Presidents Kaizen Event

In October 2006, Barry-Wehmiller’s senior operational leaders participated in a unique experience that combined continuous improvement with our strategic vision.  The four-day event began with an inspirational dialogue on the Guiding Principles of Leadership and how we could live that vision of our culture more fully.  Then, Barry-Wehmiller executives considered how Lean thinking as espoused in the L3 document could become a part of that vision.  Our leaders rolled up their sleeves and participated in multi-day improvement events as an example to the entire organization.  Upon completion of the events, Barry-Wehmiller leaders agreed that the L3 Journey would become an integral part of our culture and that each division would consider the most appropriate steps with which to begin.

L3 Team Creation

In November 2006, frontline leaders and experts in continuous improvement met in St. Louis to implement the vision created by the Living Legacy of Leadership document and supported by senior leaders.  Living out Barry-Wehmiller’s long-held belief that our divisions can grow more effectively through sharing best practices, the L3 team was formed to support training, recognition and best practices across all Barry-Wehmiller divisions.  All L3 team members are proficient in Lean tools; however, at Barry-Wehmiller their most important skill is to be a change agent and facilitator for the organization.  To this day, the L3 team proves that our L3 progress is stronger by moving together as an entire organization.  


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