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You can change the physical characteristics of your material. Absorbency, flexibility, strength, softness, high saturation, appearance, and elasticity are just some of the attributes you can accomplish with embossing.

Bathroom Tissue

Add comfort and bulk to your product.

Engraved pattern rolls designed for embossing both commercial bath tissue products and away-from-home products.


Create a product that is durable and soft with a high saturation rate.

Engraved thermobond pattern rolls designed for embossing various nonwovens materials.

Film and Foil 

Adding fine texture makes it easy to handle, as well as adds a little style.

Embossing film changes elastic properties dramatically.

Engraved pattern rolls designed to emboss extruded films and various foils for various products such as poly bags and yogurt lids.

Kitchen Towel

Add absorbency and strength, and still have a look of elegance.

Engraved pattern rolls used for embossing commercial paper towel along with away-from-home hardwound towel and interfolded towel.

Paper Napkins

Embossing your napkins is not merely decorative; it can also be personalized.

Engraved pattern rolls designed for the purpose of embossing paper napkins in both commercial and away-from-home products.


Fine paper, siding, textile, wallpaper, decking and metals are just some of the many different materials that can be embossed to change the look and texture to your product.  


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