About Northern Engraving

Our Experience

  • 4 Sales Engineers Worldwide with Over 70 years of Combined Experience in Tissue/Towel/Nonwovens.
  • 4 Service Technicians With Over 60 years of Combined Experience.
  • 22 Engravers With Over 450 years of Combined Experience.
  • Over 70 Years of Combined Experience in Shop Supervision.
  • Over 40 Years of Combined Experience in Pattern Development.

Our Full Service Facility

  • 24/7 Production
  • Laser Engraving Process
  • 11 Match Machines
  • 8 Conventional Machines
  • 8 Pieces of Miscellaneous Support Equipment
  • Experienced Support Manpower

Our Goals

  • Keep Our Position as the Tissue Industry’s Embossing Experts
  • Continued R&D Efforts
  • Continued Company Growth
  • Single Source Supplier
  • Make our Customer’s Job Easier

Our Customer Relations

  • Maintain and establish a partnership
  • Confidentiality between companies
  • Reasonable pricing and delivery
  • Continued research for both companies to cut costs
  • Trust

Value Add Services

  • Pattern Development
  • Lab Line
  • Speed to Market
  • Full Project Management
  • Large/Flexible Capacity for Single Source Supply
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Technical Experience

Our Lean Manufacturing Journey

At Northern Engraving, lean is more than the traditional metrics of improved efficiency, reduced costs and increased throughput. By combining our Guiding Principles of Leadership with traditional Lean theory, we've created our Living Legacy of Leadership. This people-centric approach to the application of Lean has created a vibrant future, driven by empowered individuals working in teams, committed to continuous improvement. It is this culture of responsible freedom and trust that allows Northern Engraving and all of Barry-Wehmiller to sustain all of the positive benefits of Lean while so many others have failed.

We've created an inspirational environment in which associates are encouraged to embrace, implement and live these Lean concepts. We have found that the real power of Lean Manufacturing is to fully engage everyone’s heads and hearts to create habits that result in achievement and fulfillment. Singular focus on waste elimination and profit lacks a purpose that is principled, inspiring and sustainable. Lasting results are driven by the spirit of honesty, integrity, responsiveness and creativity, built on a platform of committed relationships. At Northern, we know, faster delivery times and improved product quality is just the beginning of things to come. We're proud to be an active participant in the Barry-Wehmiller Lean Journey.

About Our Culture

There is a noble promise at the heart of the new world of business:  Everyone has the right to meaningful work, and people who do meaningful work create the most value in the marketplace.  We believe that it is of vital importance to engage and develop the best in people. When it comes to getting the best performance out of people, we find it is most efficient to revel in their strengths.

  • Brings out and celebrates the best in people.
  • Inspires trust, respect and communication.
  • Fosters pride and personal development.
  • Translates into strong business results.


A $1.5 billion global capital equipment and engineering consulting company, Barry-Wehmiller prefers to measure its success by the way it touches the lives of people.

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