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How Modern Press Advancements Help Tackle SKU Proliferation

Sep 26, 2019

Consumers want more, and they want it now. To meet these demands, CPCs and other brands continue to introduce new products to market at a more rapid rate, and they expect printers to keep up.

As flexographic printers begin to feel pressure from customers to produce a greater variety of runs more quickly, it is important to consider what changes can be made to fulfill these orders.

SKU proliferation, or the process in which a retailer increases the number of products (stock keeping units) it offers, has become a major consideration for the flexographic industry. In fact, a FLEXO Magazine Flash Poll of FTA printer members from last September found that for 81 percent of respondents, SKU proliferation was a factor impacting production.

With the increased variety of products comes the increased demand for short runs within your flexographic operation. For printers that aren’t prepared for the challenges of SKU proliferation, these shorter runs mean additional changeover time and potential waste, both of which have an impact on profitability.

Printers that are proactively set up to produce short runs quickly and efficiently will find SKU proliferation can serve as a key business differentiator. Flexographic printers should consider upgrading equipment and processes now to better prepare for their customers’ current and future needs.

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