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Case Study: How PCMC's JFlex Increases Profits and Attracts New Customers

Dec 04, 2019

ModTek was looking for a digital solution to add to the company's capabilities. The most important thing to them was to find an inkjet system that would work into their existing workflow.

With that in mind, Modtek decided to install a JFlex 870 on one of the company's existing Webtron presses. This hybrid solution allows them to use existing die-cutting tools, varnish, lamination or combination print flexo/digital, all in their existing infrastructure.

The Results:

In a few short months, ModTek realized a positive return on their investment.

The JFlex provided ModTek the opportunity to expand into additional markets.

The JFlex system helped ModTek earn back a longtime customer recently lost to a nearby offset printing company, and the complexities of their gradient job. ModTek was able to successfully demonstrate a print quality which surpassed that of offset printing.

Read the full case study here.