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Aquaflex ELS

The ELS press was the original servo driven press from Aquaflex.  The ELS comes in 13” or 16” widths with the well known fast, tool-less changeovers that helped drive the printing industry to where it is today. The ELS’ robust design allows the ability to run 1 mil un-supported film to 14 pt tag with no changes to the press.  Many features are available for all different printing applications.

  • Options including lamination, cold foil application, screen printing, rail system, reverse printing, re-insertion, relamination/delamination, closed ink chambers and others
  • 750 FPM speed, 8” to 24” repeat range
  • Customizable configuration for all different printing and converting applications

Aquaflex ELS-D

The Aquaflex/PCMC’s ELS-D dual servo press offers a fast changeover press with savings from 50-75% in time and waste material.  The ELS-D comes in 13” and 16” widths and has the ability to store and recall virtually every aspect of the press making an operator’s setup faster and easier than any press on the market.  Even plate pressure and register are recalled for any job.  The Rockwell control system is helping set new standards in the package printing industry for fast setups and ease of operation.

  • Pre-registration based on repeat size
  • Automatic Motorized pressure setting
  • Plate sleeve technology with tool-less changeover of print units

Aquaflex ELS-MAX

Aquaflex/PCMC’s new  ELS-Max offers a full servo press in 24", 28" and 32” widths.  Able to run up to 1000 FPM, the ELS-Max offers all the features that are capable on wide-web CI presses.  The ELS-Max utilizes both plate and anilox sleeves, and PCMC’s own designed force loaded doctor blade chambers designed for fast, constant running with extended doctor blade life.  The full gamut of drying is available with water based, UV, and solvent.  The ELS-Max touts complete job storage and recall from the Rockwell control system which is standard on all PCMC wide and narrow presses.

  • Automatic motorized plate and anilox pressure adjustment
  • Maximum 24” repeat standard with 30” optional
  • Absolutely NO gears, all printhead cylinders are direct servo driven

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